Marillenknödel, Apricot dumplings Sticky post

Marillenknödel, a sweet and delicious Austrian Apricot dumpling

I ate this dessert or dish at the Mariandl Restaurant in Spitz, Austria. The “Marille” is a protected designation of small Apricot that grows in the Wachau wine region of Austria. One of my favorite alcoholic beverage is the Marillenschnaps, I make sure I buy several bottles to take with me. Traditional Marillen dumplings are made from a dough that is low in sugar and … Continue reading Marillenknödel, a sweet and delicious Austrian Apricot dumpling

Easter bread, Osterbrot, sweet yeast bread

Why call it Easter Bread?

Why call it Easter bread if tastes so good you want to eat it all year? You might es well make Eierweck or Eierhörnchen (yeast dough rolls/croissants) with the dough. When making a true braided Easter bread or wreath, you would take several uncooked painted (food paint) eggs and lay them gently on top of the dough wreath towards the middle before baking. Brush some egg wash around the colored eggs, being careful not to touch them. The eggs will be done while baking Continue reading Why call it Easter Bread?

Banana Walnut bread

Banana Walnut Bread

This American banana bread (cake) recipe is for great use when you have over-ripe bananas in the house. Can be made with or without nuts, although Hazelnuts would be a good substitute. Continue reading Banana Walnut Bread

Yoghurt-Fruit cheese cake with blueberry and raspberry Sticky post

Eat a Yoghurt-Fruit Cheese cake without the Guilt

If you miss the German cheese cakes and think it’s not good for your hips, then bake it with Quark, in this case Greek-Yoghurt with Fruit. To make it easy, you can use Graham crackers as a crust. When you reduce the sugar, add the Fruits like Mandarines, Cherries and/or dark Berries. It will complete a healthy combination. Continue reading Eat a Yoghurt-Fruit Cheese cake without the Guilt

Topfenknoedel, Austrian dessert

Topfenknödel, a sweet Austrian dish

A typical Austrian or Bavarian dish I ate in Mittenwald, South Bavaria. These are called “Topfenknödel“. Topfen means Quark, and can be substituted with Greek Yoghurt or Ricotta cheese. The dumplings could be be filled with Plum or Apricot pieces, and covered with poppy seeds instead of breadcrumbs. While preparing the Topfenknoedel, you can make the Vanilla sauce. I prefer the fast method with a … Continue reading Topfenknödel, a sweet Austrian dish

Apfelschlipfkuchen, Sunken Apple cake

Apfelschlupfkuchen (Sunken Apple Cake)

I remember my very first cake I baked when I was eight. It was a Sunken Apple cake and I was so delighted. I remember carrying the apple cake outside to the garage to show to my dad. A proud moment I will never forget.  Continue reading Apfelschlupfkuchen (Sunken Apple Cake)

German Plum Cake, Zwetschgenkuchen

Zwetschgenkuchen or Plum cake

Perfect to accompany an afternoon coffee is the Zwetschgenkuchen. You can find or pick plums from June till late September when they are ripe. In the US you can buy this oval purple fruit in some stores, they are called Italien plums. This recipe is made with a yeast dough on a rectangular sheet cake pan. Streusel makes this cake complete Continue reading Zwetschgenkuchen or Plum cake

Kartauser Kloesse mit Weinsosse, a Franconian sweet dish

A sweet traditional dish from the Franconia Wine country

“Kartäuser Klösse mit Weinsosse”, or Kartauser dumplings with wine sauce, is a sweet Franconian dish I love and cherish. My mother wrote down this recipe when I left home and started a new life This must be one of the only times a kid can consume alcohol in Germany. The wine sauce is made with eggs and dry white wine. Below Volkach Wine festival, a … Continue reading A sweet traditional dish from the Franconia Wine country