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“Weihnachten” from my Childhood

The Advent in Germany is the most magical and festive time. I remember the romantic historical Christkindlmarkets, the garland, lights and glittering Christmas trees, the Glühwein and Lebkuchen that makes a dreary season heart light up. As children we decorated a wreath with four candles, called “Adventskranz,” and lit a new candle every Sunday. Afterward we would walk down the street and view the decorated homes with wreaths, yards and trees with strings of lights, and pyramids with candles in the windows. Continue reading “Weihnachten” from my Childhood

Dr. Roentgen Haus Wuerzburg

What does Würzburg has to do with x-rays?

While walking or riding the bus to school in Würzburg, Germany, I have passed the Röntgen House many times, not really paying attention. After some history lessons in school, I learned the significance of this famous research building. I found out that the first x-Rays were discovered in Würzburg by W.C Röntgen in 1885 With this discovery W. C. Röntgen was granted the Nobel Price … Continue reading What does Würzburg has to do with x-rays?

Pilgrims at Zwiebelkirchweih Wuerzburg

A Pilgrimage to Würzburg

The Zwiebelkirchweih (“Zwiebelkerwe”, or in English “Onion Tart Parish Fair”) takes place every year on the 24th of August in the Semmelstraße and is the traditional conclusion of a pilgrimage that started in 1647 and continued every year from August 20 to 24 and concluded in Würzburg. The route leads from Kreuzberg in the Rhön and back, it is lead by the “Brotherhood to the … Continue reading A Pilgrimage to Würzburg

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Würzburg, where I grew up

Every now and then we visit my hometown Würzburg. We rent a little vacation home, only 10 km down the river in Veitshöchheim, the town where I spent my childhood. In the Morning, after my Brötchen run and having breakfast, we walk down to the dock at the Main River and take the next tour boat to Würzburg. We rent a holiday home in Veitshöchheim … Continue reading Würzburg, where I grew up

The Schwarzmann girls at Stadt Mainz in Wuerzburg

The Schwarzmann Girls from Würzburg

My friends Margarete and Anneliese until recently owned the Hotel and Restaurant Stadt Mainz (see update on bottom). It has been a family business since 1920. Located in the Semmelstrasse, right in the center of Würzburg, and only 500 meters from the Markplatz and the Residenz Castle Margarete left, and Anneliese on the right with coffee mugs of my Watercolor Paintings of Würzburg and Frankonia. … Continue reading The Schwarzmann Girls from Würzburg