Zwiebelkirchweih and Pilgrims

Pilgrims at Zwiebelkirchweih Wuerzburg
The Zwiebelkirchweih (“Zwiebelkerwe”, or in English onion tart festival) takes place every year on the 24th of August in the Semmelstraße in Würzburg
Zwiebelkirchweih, Stadt Mainz Wuerzburg

We are sometimes there to visit family and the Schwarzmann Girls. The Hotel Stadt Mainz usually sells their famous Zwiebelkuchen (Onion Tart). They skipped last year because their beloved mother died, and there was too much work involved. Other Restaurants and Cafes took over this tradition in the Semmelstrasse.

Also see “The Schwarzmann Girls”

The Zwiebelkirchweih forms the traditional conclusion a pilgrimage that started in 1647 and continued every year from August 20 to 24 from Würzburg. The route goes from Kreuzberg in the Rhön, and back again under the Brotherhood to the Holy Cross. It’s a 180 km long walk, with singing and praying. The pilgrims stay overnight in private homes. on the way.

Hundreds of pilgrims are received in the early afternoon by their relatives and friends. It is custom to hand over small bouquets – “Wallsträußli” – to pilgrims as they pass through Semmelstrasse. The pilgrimage ends with a sacramental final blessing in Würzburg Neumünster Church.

After the procession through the street, tables and benches are put out by the shops and inns. Traditionally, Zwiebelkuchen is served.

May this beautiful tradition be there for a long time in the future 

Zwiebelkirchweih, Stadt Mainz Wuerzburg
Met with friends

Most active pilgrims take on the Zwiebelkirchweih and refreshments after the exhausting 180 km (112 miles) long walk

Zwiebelkirchweih, Stadt Mainz Wuerzburg, Pilgrims
Exhausted after the long walk


Zwiebelkirchweih, Stadt Mainz Wuerzburg, Pilgrims
Children are joining in
Pilgrims at Zwiebelkirchweih Wuerzburg
Pilgrims arriving
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