The highest cold water Geysir is in Andernach

Geyser Andernach

The highest cold water Geysir is in Andernach at the Rhein, and probably the most spectacular natural phenomenon in that region

The Expedition began at the Geysir Museum Andernach. Here is the world of geysers and volcanoes explained in an impressive exhibition. The adventure at the Geysir Museum took us through six different museum areas: Prelude, depth, slate cavern, borehole, exits, and above ground.

During our visit to the museum, we learned how the phenomenon works.

Geyser Museum Andernach
Geysir Museum Andernach

In each area I found exhibits and hands-on learning stations. They deal with the different geo scientific phenomena and processes that make the Geysir a natural spectacle that it is. Whether acoustic, haptic, optical, physical or chemical, there are many creative learning stations.

But now it’s time for the boat ride to the Namedyer Werth peninsula, where the Geysir is located. It is a beautiful nature reserve right on the banks of the Rhine.

Geyser tour boat Andernach

We walk up a trail and could see the copper-red stones that lie around the Geysir from afar. I watched with excitement as it begins to bubble.

Namedyer Werth and Chapel below:

Then I heard it bubbling and hissing. The anticipation was rising, and then it was time. With tremendous pressure, the water shoots 60 meters into the sky. Astonished “Oooh” and “Ahhh” murmur through the groups of visitors and underline the impressive experience.

I learned the water is drinkable, and if I wanted to, I could enjoy such fresh, natural mineral water.

Our group spent a total of around 45 minutes on the Namedyer Werth, of which the Geysir eruption itself lasts around 15 minutes. In contrast to its “hot water namesakes”, the Geyser water temperature in Andernach is only about 68 F (20 °C ), hence the name cold water geyser.

It was time to return to our tour boat. While I was walking I was processing the kind of natural wonder I just saw.

Geyser tour boat to Andernach

All in all it was was a nice excursion. Afterward we explored the historic old town of Andernach with it’s medieval wall.

  • Andernach, Germany
  • Andernach, Germany
  • Andernach, Germany
  • Andernach, Germany
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  • Andernach, Germany
  • Andernach, Germany Biergarten at the Rhein