Make your own Eierlikör (Eggnog Liqueur)

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Eierlikör, eggnog liqueur

I started making homemade Eggnog liqueur filled in cute bottles a few years ago. It was always very difficult for me to find Christmas presents that would suit my loved ones

Since then, this Eggnog liqueur bottles, or Carafes, have been a hit under the Christmas tree. Each bottle comes with a nicely wrapped ribbon

The traditional Eierlikör, also called Advocaat in Dutch, is an alcoholic beverage made of egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and rum or brandy. The rich and creamy drink has a smooth, custard like consistency.

Typically, the alcohol content of the finished Eggnog Liqueur is between 14% and 20% ABV.

To make your unique gift, you can fill your homemade Eggnog Liqueur into Carafes with Lid that you can buy here on Amazon:

While the Eggnog Liqueur is still a classic companion to an afternoon cup of coffee on Sundays to our parents and grandparents, the yellow classic has now also conquered bars and coffee houses.

Young people in particular mix drinks with this gold alcoholic liquid, refine their coffee or bake an Eggnog Liqueur Cake or muffins and cupcakes with an Eggnog cream as a topping. Creamy smoothies with Eggnog Liqueur are also a special treat. On Christmas markets you’ll find the hot version, an Eggnog Liqueur Punsch

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