Anneliese’s scrumptious “Apfelstrudel” or Apple Strudel

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Apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce

Anneliese and Margarete Schwarzmann was the proprietor and chef of the Hotel and Restaurant “Stadt Mainz” in Würzburg where Anneliese has been the chef. A couple years ago Stadt Mainz was turned over to a younger generation of hoteliers.

Strudel, a German and Austrian specialty:

World famous and popular from the Royals of the House of Habsburg. Whether Apfelstrudel or Topfenstrudel, they are the absolute dessert in the international gourmet kitchens. The rolled dough is very diverse and easy to make. Often, in addition to the real strudel dough, there is also puff pastry or yeast dough.

Below: My daughter eating Apfelstrudel with vanilla ice cream at the Forggensee in Austria near the Neuschwanstein Castle
My daughter eating Apfelstrudel at the Forggensee, Austria
My daughter eating Apfelstrudel at the Forggensee, Austria

No need to make Vanilla sauce from scratch, you can buy it here on Amazon

Anneliese, a former Chef at Hotel Stadt Mainz in Würzburg has given me over time some of her family recipes, this time the Apfelstrudel, which I like to present today

The secret behind the “Apfelstrudel” and the perfect Strudel Dough Stretch! Watch the pastry chefs here:

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