Bread pudding in a casserole

Make old stale bread tasty with Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is an old, almost forgotten way to make stale bread tasty. I turned a three day old Baguette into a delicious dessert

Bread is one of the oldest foods in the world. Bread was originally a staple food, but today Germans tend to eat bread as complementary food or a Continue reading Make old stale bread tasty with Bread Pudding

Faschingskrapfen, German Mardi Gras donut

Faschingskrapfen – German Carnival Donuts

Faschingskrapfen or German Donuts are baked customarily at Fasching which is end of February. It’s the time of Carnival, and similar like Mardi Gras. The fist-sized pastries are not only found all year round in Franconia, but also in Southwest Germany, where they are called “Fastnachtsküchle”, and in Germany’s capital Berlin, the “Berliner”. Continue reading Faschingskrapfen – German Carnival Donuts

Zwiebelkuchen, Onion tart

Zwiebelkuchen, a German Onion Pastry

Zwiebelkuchen is a popular German onion pastry. It is served with Federweissen (a new fermented wine). Those two just go hand in hand You could just use a regular yeast dough, I prefer Puff Pastry, and the dough can be found in the freezer aisle (Pepperidge Farms or at Lidl US). The puff pastry dough needs to stay cool during the preparation and before putting it … Continue reading Zwiebelkuchen, a German Onion Pastry

Croissants aux Amandes, Almond Croissant

Croissants aux Amandes in Paris

I ate these decadent Almond Croissants while in Paris at the Les Deux Magots. They are also called croissants aux creme d’amandes or simply croissants fourrés. We arrived at the Parisian district with a special charm, an atmosphere of character and a renowned café name Les Deux Magots! With a patio facing the church, and its waiters in black and white clothes set the tone of Saint-Germain. Continue reading Croissants aux Amandes in Paris