Beef Stroganoff, a favorite in our house

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Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

I have seen Stroganoff prepared at eating venues in all variations, even by Star chefs. I’ve really never eaten this dish at a restaurant, so today I’ve planned to prepare this meal at my house to satisfy my husbands cravings.

Traditionally, beef stroganoff is made with tender cuts of beef such as filet mignon, sirloin, top round or ribeye steaks. These cuts are flavorful and tender when cooked, making them well-suited for the dish. However, you can also use other cuts of beef like flank steak, or sometimes if nothing else is at hand, ground beef if you prefer. The key is to choose a cut that will become tender and delicious as it simmers in the creamy sauce.

I’ve read a lot about this dish and this recipe is from a Russian cookbook I found on Amazon “My Russian Grandmother’s Kitchen”

Sometimes restaurants throw tons of pickles on it (and they don’t have to be, I sometimes do it) and then call everything stroganoff. Often there is not even mustard in the sauce. You can do as you prefer and adjust the taste as you like. I always like to add white wine at the end, if not a little Worcestershire sauce

Some Tips:

Canned mushrooms is a no go. They become rubbery and have no taste. Important is spicy Mustard (or soaked mustard seeds), sugar, salt pepper, sour cream and whole cream. Since Russian sour cream is fatter than our 10%, I added whole cream (I couldn’t find Creme Fraiche in our store). The recipe asks for Pickles, it is not a must, I prefer to do without.

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