Small Bretzenheim has a historic treasure

Felseneremitage, Bretzenheim

Bretzenheim in the wine region of the Rhineland has a Rock with lots of history

The Felseneremitage is the biggest attraction of the municipality Bretzenheim. The “Rock Hermitage”, well-established in ancient times and completely carved into the rock cult place, was redesigned in early Christian times.

It is believed that its origins lie in a prehistoric place of worship or tribunal site. When the Romans took over the site it had the same function. Its Christian character was supposedly acquired by the 6th or 7th century, even if the first documents mention of a church dates from 1043. This, and all subsequent churches were partly made of chambers hewn into the cliff, and their remnants can still be seen today.

The same is so for the rooms that served as hermits’ cells or a monastic convent, which were wholly hewn out of the stone. The one such dwelling that can still be visited now.  For some time it was home to several hermits and a convent of a cliffside monastery. The last dwellers, between 1716 and 1827 were hermits who after a long vacancy had once again created a pilgrimage place that was known far beyond the borders. The last hermit died in 1827 after 51 “years of service” at the age of 82 

The plant can be visited year-round, only outside without guidance.

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