A Potato Soup I remember eating in Vienna

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Potato Mushroom soup

There are many versions of Potato soups, I like the one I ate in Vienna, it had “Steinpilze”, a mushroom that grows in the Forests of Europe

This Viennese potato soup tastes particularly delicious, you should definitely not miss it!

I wanted to recreate this soup once at home. A similar mushroom I could find were the brown Baby Bella mushrooms.

Potatoes are called “Erdäpfel” in Austria, and their entry into Viennese cuisine was consistently difficult. Potatoes were brought to Vienna as perennials by the botanist Charles de l’Ecluse in 1588 and were considered harmful and poisonous for a long time.

When there was a shortage of food during the Napoleonic Wars, potatoes suddenly gained popularity. Since then, they have become an integral part of Viennese cuisine and are served time and again in a wide variety of ways: as a salad, boiled, fried, roasted, pureed or as a dough for dumplings and pasta.

Schönbrunn castle, Vienna
At the Schönbrunn castle, Vienna
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