Bouillabaisse, a tasty French Fish soup

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Bouillabaisse, a French Fish soup
Bouillabaisse, a French Fish soup

While making a stop in Marseille in October 2022, I ate this very tasty Fish soup. In France it is called Bouillabaisse and was originally the sailor’s and poor man’s food. Now it is served mostly in fine restaurants.

Back then, the lesser quality fish or seafood leftovers have been boiled for a long time to elicit the full flavor of the ingredients. This kind of fish soup can hardly be surpassed in terms of variety of taste, and has a long development behind it.

The seafood mainly consists of Bay mussels, Cod fish, Salmon, Clams, and Shrimp. You can add other seafood if you like, or eliminate if not available
Below I show you my authentic Bouillabaisse Fish soup recipe that I researched when I got home from visiting Marseille France.

The side (garnish) is called Roulle and consists and the different types of cheeses, a sauce and a crispy French Baguette that you can serve with the soup.

I would be happy if you try this soup with all variety of seafood and share the post with your friends. I wish you good luck!

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