Cologne Cathedral- Germany’s most exciting Church

If you would take the train to Cologne, you practically step out of the Central station and see this immense historic Cathedral or Dom looming in front of you.

This time we met up with daughter and family, who vacationed a couple days in Amsterdam, a three hour train ride away.

To pick them up, we parked our car at the Cologne Central Train station. A couple minutes later all three appeared in the Bahnhofshalle. After an exciting greeting, we stepped out and there it was, the magnificent Cologne Cathedral.

Once we stepped inside we were in awe, especially when looking up to the 140 feet ceiling. Lots of stained glass windows with Saints and Christian motifs

This very ambitious project started in the 13th century, stalled in the Middle Ages, and eventually was finished in 1880. It is technically a Gothic church and built after original plans.

Cologne Dom

Building that grand church began in 1248 and went through some tumultuous wars of religious reformation. After pilgrims stopped coming, funds dried up for 300 years. One side of the Dom was walled off while it stood unfinished. Construction resumed in the early 1800’s when Cologne became the symbol of German unity. With just 700 workers, the Cathedral was finished in 38 years (1880)

While Cologne was destroyed by 95% in WWll, the Dom held up pretty well. It was hit by 15 bombs, but the structure flexed, and remained standing. All the artwork and stained art windows were removed and taken to shelters to keep safe

Bombed-out Cologne
WWll Bombed-out Cologne
Cologne Cathedral 1900
Cologne Cathedral 1900
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