Natures Wonder, the Externsteine

Externsteine, Teuteburger Wald

The Externstein in Altschlossfelsen in the Teuteburger Wald are very mystical and have a rich history. The interpretation of the Externsteine ​​in as a Germanic sanctuary was destroyed by Charlemagne or Charles the Great (Karl der Grosse)

The History

In 1564 and the second half of the 19th century was the peak of interest in pre- and early history, then from the 1920s to 1945, once again enjoying great popularity. Since then, especially in the local history research, these approaches are taken up again and again, with the interpretations ranging from observatory to a cult place. In the esoteric literature there are some fantastic interpretations. However, excavations did not provide any clear evidence of ritual use in prehistoric or protohistoric times, but substantiate human activities only in the early Middle Ages.

Externsteine, Altschlossfelsen

An Archaeological find

Secured are the the rocks of this archaeological find from the Palaeolithic (around 10,000 BC) and Mesolithic, especially flint tips and fences, but can only prove that the people back then have visited the stone group. It is not apparent from the relics. However, there are no reliable records from finds for human uses in the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age.

The Path

In the immediate vicinity of the stones are still several hollow paths, including the “Hohlweg Große Egge”, which are often falsely referred to as remnants of “Roman paths”. The origins of these relics of historical traffic relations are certainly not with the Romans. Whether they originated in prehistoric times or only in the Middle Ages can not be decided at present time.

The Age

The Rock formation is exciting, because their cultural-historical significance is still not fully understood. It is known that the mountain chain originated about 80 million years ago.

Externsteine, Teutoburger Wald, Altschlossfelsen


The Lower Cretaceous sandstone was placed vertically in the area of ​​the Externsteine ​​and since then shaped by erosion. Today, the stones can be climbed through two staircases. You should definitely go up, because you get from 40m height a great view of the Teutoburg Forest and the Wiembecketeich.

Externsteine, Teutoburger Wald,
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