Dresden should be on your Bucket list

Dresden. Zwinger, Germany

Dresden is always worth a visit. Unfortunately it was almost completely destroyed in a firestorm allied bombing in February 1945. After so many years, it is now completely rebuilt. I have been there twice, first time in 2006, right after the Frauenkirche was erected, and at Christmas 2012 to visit the Dresdner Striezelmarkt

At the peak of the 18th century Dresden ruled most of present day Saxony, and most of present day Poland and Eastern Germany from the banks of the Elbe River

After Dresdens nearly complete destruction in WWII, it was patched while under postwar communist rule, and left many structures in ruins. Some buildings were replaced with ugly modern ugly sprawl

Dresden in Ruins

Thankfully, the bombs missed mostly the New Town across the Elbe river with its pre-war character. Unfortunately, most people never cross the bridge

Horse Carriage in Dresden
Horse Carriage in Dresden

Later, after Germany reunited, Dresden undertook systematic rebuilding, most notable the Frauenkirche and Royal Palace. The transformation turned out to be astonishing

The Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) is the soul and symbol of the city. Completed in 1743, it was Germany’s tallest protestant church (310 ft. high). On the night of 13th Februar 1945, it was almost destroyed in the fire bombing, But the next morning after the smoldering cloud cleared, you could still see the church standing. It then burned for two days until it collapsed. After the war it was left as a pile of rubble, and finally rebuilt by mainly donations after the reunification. It opened to the public in 2005

Statue of Martin Luther at the Neumarkt Square, Dresden
Statue of Martin Luther at the Neumarkt Square, Dresden

The Parade of the Nobles (Fürstenzug). This Mural is painted on 24,000 tiles and it illustrates seven centuries of Saxon royalties

Augustus the Strong exemplified in Dresden
Augustus the Strong exemplified in Dresden

Three museums are in the Zwinger courtyard. The Old Masters Gallery, , Mathematics-Physics Salon and a porcelain Collection. All exhibits are described in English, but you can also take an audio guide tour.

Zwinger, Dresden
Zwinger, Dresden
Striezelmarkt in Dresden
Striezelmarkt in Dresden, click on picture to open

We had an amazing time, and we are yearning to visit again

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