A Crooked or “Schiefes Haus” in Ulm

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Schiefes Haus

I sat down at an Italian Eiscafé at the Fisherman’s Quarter in Ulm. I had an excellent view to the „Crooked House“ or in German “Schiefes Haus” while eating an Cherry Amaretto ice cream.

Besides this precarious building, I visited the Ulm Cathedral that has the highest church tower in world

I had an excellent Cherry Amaretto ice cream and enjoyed the ambiente

Cherry Amaretto Eis, Amaretto Kirsch Eis

The original half-timbered house from the 14th century got its current appearance of a five-story house after several additions and renovations in 1443. It was used by the fisherman from Ulm and is hotel today

Eating Cherry Amaretto Eis, view to Schiefes Haus. Ulm

I admired this precarious structure „Schiefes Haus” while sitting at an Eiscafé in the Fisherman’s Quarter in Ulm

When I vacationed in September 2020 in Füssen (Schwangau), I stopped in Ulm and Tübingen on the way to the Rhineland to explore the towns. What I found particularly nice about Ulm, apart from the well-known sights, there are some hidden places to discover.

I heard about the Fischerviertel or Fishermen’s Quarter, I was looking forward to see. The highlight there is the Crooked House built in 1400’s!

Investigations by the State Archaeological Office suggests, that the first floor of the crooked house, which was used by fishermen to repair of their nets, were also fish chambers with a natural fresh water supply. There, the Fisherman held their live catches waiting for the market day.

Over time, the side of the house facing the river sank sharply, so that support measures had to be initiated as early as the beginning of the 17th century. At the southern foundation, the house protrudes partly over the river from the first floor to some sloping struts. The boats could moor there in a protected place.

After Augsburg, Ulm is the largest city between Stuttgart and Munich and is located directly on the Danube and the border with Bavaria. Ulm is part of Baden-Württemberg and Neu-Ulm, on the opposite side of the Danube, is part of Bavaria, which is why Ulm is also known as the “two-country city”. The 130,000 inhabitant city not only produced Albert Einstein and the Scholl siblings, but is also a pretty old town and has the highest church tower in the world

Ulm, view from above

The Ulm Minster is a Gothic style and largest Protestant church in Germany. The 161.53 meter high tower, completed in 1890, is the highest church tower in the world. The foundation stone was laid in 1377 when Ulm was a free imperial city and still Roman Catholic.

  • Ulmer Muenster, Cathedral
  • Ulm cathedral church tower
  • Ulm Cathedral Tower
  • Ulm Cathedral Muenster
  • Ulm Sun clock
  • Ulm Astronomical clock
  • Ulm Astronomical clock
  • Ulm Rathaus, City hall
  • Ulm Rathaus, City hall
  • Ulm Rathaus, City hall
  • Ulm Rathaus
  • Ulm Altstadt
  • City of Ulm
  • Schiefes Hau Ulm Postkarte
  • "Schiefes Haus" Ulm in the Winter
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