Dallmayr is known for Coffee, but also for their famous delicacies in Munich

One morning while staying at the Hotel du Train, I strolled down to the Marienplatz. There, right behind the Townhall at the Dienerstrasse, I found the Dallmayr Delicatessen House. I sat down and had a “Guten Morgen Frühstück” which is a satisfying, delicious Breakfast

The Dallmayr, also a Delicatessen House in Munich, is a tradition since the 17th century and a parent company of the famous German coffee “Prodomo”.
Dallmayr Munich

Dallmayr Munich has been the finest delicacies for almost 300 years, and the largest delicatessen in Europe. This parent company has established itself as the city’s flagship with 2.8 million visitors annually. Today the family company can look back on more than 300 years of corporate culture.

Dallmayr Munich coffee, Prodomo

The “Dallmayr coffee” has the famous Prodomo, which is very popular today and has been part of the delicatessen manufacturer’s product range since 1933

The “ALOIS” sees itself as a dining restaurant with light, contemporary product cuisine

The casual atmosphere speaks for the Alois Bar & Grill is a bar-restaurant on the ground floor with a focus on fish, seafood, wine and champagne. There are also oysters at the Cafe & on the first floor. It offers visitors a classic coffee house atmosphere and a beautiful view of the Frauenkirche.

I treated myself to bite-size delicacies that are available and shown in the display cases. The sales lady told me that sometimes you catch a glimpse of one or the other celebrity who makes her purchase there. Dallmyer prides itself with being a traditional cafe with a large selection of delicacies, coffee, grill bar and restaurant.

In addition to French cream tarts and in-house coffee and tea specialties, light lunch dishes are offered there as well as a large breakfast menu.

The Dallmayr restaurant, which has been awarded two Michelin stars, is located on the first floor. Chocolates from their own factory, exquisite oils and excellent wines are particularly popular. You can also purchase excellent fresh fish and seafood, dairy products and cheeses from Germany, France and Holland. There are sausages, exceptional bread, salads, as well as confectionery and prepared dishes that you can warm up at home.

Watch the little video I made while there:

Dallmayr tea is known for its large selection. Dallmayr in Munich offers over 100 different types of tea in its delicatessen. In addition to classic black and green teas, there are numerous flavored varieties and a selection of fruit teas as well as various specialties from herbs that come from South Tyrol. Dallmayr tea was also one of the first traders in Munich to offer so-called flight tea: this means the first harvest of high-quality Darjeeling teas that are flown abroad immediately after being picked.

Walking down to the Marienplatz, I found the Dallmayr Delicatessen store and Restaurant. I sat down to a wholesome “Guten Morgen Frühstück” Breakfast”
Breakfast Dallmayr Munich
“Guten Morgen” Breakfast at Dallmayr’s

“It’s great that there is still something so good”, and it is precisely this philosophy that still defines the flair of the parent company today. Whether it’s the old style scales at the counter, the blue and white clothes of the waitresses or the traditional decoration in the shop window.


Dallmayr Munich headquarters is at the Dienerstrasse 14, 80331 Munich. Open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Thursday and Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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