The Orient Express is in Munich – as a hotel

After arriving in Munich, I wanted to experience a hotel stay of a special kind. I took the public transportation to the Sendlinger Tor or Gate. From there I rolled my large suitcase to the Hotel du Train.

I found this hotel fascinating after I read about it in a Munich online newspaper. To my amazement it has the theme of Agatha Christie’s Orient Express

The front and lobby of the Hotel du Train

I got interested when the Newspaper “Abendzeitung München” reported: “Munich – annoying when you get on the Orient Express and get no compartment. At least, that’s how the famous figure of Agatha Christie, the detective Hercule Poirot feels when he steps on the famous train from Paris to Constantinople at the beginning of the crime story “Murder on the Orient Express”. If Poirot were not a figure from the 1930s but on the road now, one could call to him: Book a room in Munich instead of the train compartment. Because the Orient Express is also here in the city – as a hotel”

This Hotel was built after Agatha Christie’s Orient Express. The interior Cabins have a similar layout as the original famous train

I have read that for three generations the family Fahrngruber has been running the Hotel Herzog-Wilhelm Hotel on the street of the same name near the Sendlinger Tor. Christian Fahrngruber, the hotel manager, had the original idea when the hotel was in need of renovation. He thought to hisself, why not redesign the hotel in the style of the Orient Express train? The decoration in the hotel would come from original stops of the famous train.

Hotel du Train Hotel, Munich

The “Hotel du Train” is probably the only one of its kind in Europe. With this extraordinary hotel, Christian Fahrngruber has probably set the course for the next generation in the long history of the hotelier family.

Hotel du Train Hotel breakfast room:

Since the Hotel du Train is in close vicinity to the the Stachus, Kaufingerstrasse and Maximilianstrasse and the Marienplatz, I strolled those streets several times while there. I did some shopping. and mostly ended up at the Marienplatz or the Dallmayr Delicatessen to have coffee and cake. I also learned from the Portier, if I took the public transportation, I’d be only in 20 minutes at the Riem exhibition center, or the Allianz Arena and the Olympic site.

My time in Munich was worth while, and the nights well spent in at this extraordinary hotel. I shall return.

The Hotel is near the Sendlinger Tor:

Hôtel du Train
Herzog-Wilhelm-Str. 23
80331 München

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