Liver Spaetzle soup, Leberspätzlesuppe

Bavarian Leberspätzle (Liver Spaetzle)

If you like Liverwurst, or Liver Dumpling soup, you’d appreciate the Liver Spaetzle, or in German Leberspätzle. Liver Spaetzle are a classic variant of Spaetzle, as they are popular throughout Bavaria and Swabia. They are often used in a hearty Liver Spaetzle soup or fried with onions. The recipe for Liver Spaetzle is easy to make yourself and can be used as the main protagonist … Continue reading Bavarian Leberspätzle (Liver Spaetzle)

Hohenschwangau castle Sticky post

King Ludwig II childhood castle, Hohenschwangau

My daughter and I enjoyed some beautiful, sunny days early October in the vicinity of Füssen near the King Ludwig II castles. Since Neuschwanstein was under renovation, we were looking forward to take a tour through Hohenschwangau castle, which was also Ludwig’s and Otto’s childhood home. After buying our tour tickets we proceeded to take a horse buggy up a semi- steep hill, with the … Continue reading King Ludwig II childhood castle, Hohenschwangau

Patricia on the Zugspitze Sticky post

The Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain

In the first week in October 2023, my daughter and I spent five days in Oberammergau in the Bavarian Alps. It was a Saturday, an especially warm and clear day with blue skies. I have tried several times to reach the Zugspitze which is in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, but the weather was not ideal, but today were perfect conditions We started out at the Bahnhof in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, … Continue reading The Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain

Viehscheid, bringing the cows down to the valley

Watching the Almabtrieb spectacle in Austria

The Almabtrieb is an annual event in the Alpine region of southern Europe which takes place in late September, early October. It refers to a cattle drive that brings the cow herd down from the mountain pastures to their barns in the valley During summer, cattle herds feed on alpine pastures high up in the mountains. This practice known as Transhumance, meaning the action of moving livestock … Continue reading Watching the Almabtrieb spectacle in Austria

Berchtesgaden Watzmann Mountain

The Berchtesgaden Watzmann Legend

The Watzmann mountain is not only Berchtesgaden’s landmark, it is also shrouded in famous legends and myths. Even today, the peaks of the massif are referred to as a family The Watzmann itself, with its 2713 meters of the middle peak, highest inner-German peak, as well as the Kleine (small) Watzmann known as the Watzmannfrau, and its 2307 meter frame with the smaller peaks, the … Continue reading The Berchtesgaden Watzmann Legend

Buchteln, sweet baked yeast dumpling in vanilla sauce

Buchteln, a delicious oven yeast dumpling

Buchteln, also known as Rohrnudeln or Ofennudeln, are a type of sweet, yeast-based dumpling that is baked in the oven. This sweet yeast pastry originated in Austria and the Czech Republic. They are a popular treat enjoyed as a dessert. Buchteln are made by taking small portions of sweet yeast dough and filling them with various sweet fillings such as Apricot fruit preserves, Nutella, or … Continue reading Buchteln, a delicious oven yeast dumpling

Mespelbrunn moated castle, Bavaria, Spessart

The romantic picturesque Mespelbrunn Castle

Sometimes, when arriving at the Frankfurt Airport and driving on the Autobahn to Würzburg, I stop by the Mespelbrunn palace built in 1569. The moated castle, also called Wasserschloss, is located in north Bavaria between Aschaffenburg and my hometown Würzburg The castle has gained worldwide fame due to its picturesque appearance and romantic location. In May 1, 1412, the Archbishop Johann von Mainz gave the … Continue reading The romantic picturesque Mespelbrunn Castle

Wieskirche, South Bavaria

Wieskirche, a popular pilgrim church in Bavaria

A couple years ago I was driving towards Füssen through the Bavarian countryside. I saw the sign “Wieskirche” and instantly remembered visiting this church with my parents as a child. The Wieskirche in Upper Bavaria is a jewel of the South German Rococo. The building, created by the Zimmermann brothers, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. In this volume, the church and … Continue reading Wieskirche, a popular pilgrim church in Bavaria