A Moselle Cruise to Cochem

Mosel cruise to Cochem

It was late August 2018 when we were staying at the Rhine. We started out early to drive to Koblenz and parked at the Görreplatz Parking garage, from where we walked down do the KD cruise dock landing.

Unfortunately our Rhine day cruise, that was supposed to leave at 9 am to 8 pm, was called off, because of the drought. So we looked at alternatives for the day.

Koblenz Deutsches Eck Denkmal, memorial
Koblenz Deutsches Eck Memorial

We sat on the patio at one of the cafes at the landing when I had the idea to check into the Moselle cruise. Koblenz is where both rivers Rhine and Mosel meet. Because the Moselle (in German Mosel) has locks and dams, the water level was fine for ship travel. We were told the cruise will take from 9.45 am to 4 pm. We decided to buy the one way ticket, and take the train back. It turned out it was a lengthy ride, but spending time with family on the boat, the views of the Mosel vineyards and couple castles on the way, time went by fast.

Mosel Cruise boat

On the Cruise we were provided with snacks, sandwiches, and drinks, and of course Mosel wine. I missed the Goethe ship on the Rhein cruise the year before, that had a full Restaurant menu.

The Hochmoselbrücke (High Bridge) is 518 ft. high, and has a 689 ft. span over the Mosel. This river is one of the most beautiful waterways in all of Europe, it twists and turns for nearly 340 miles (545 kms) before joining the Rhine river at the city of Koblenz. We admired all the vineyards and some castles, also spending considerable time in those locks.

Cochem, Mosel river

A view to the castle in Cochem. It was too late to take the trip up to the castle when we arrived, they close at 5 pm. But I am lucky, I have a home only an hour away and will visit again.

Also see: Reichsburg Cochem is one of the most admired castles

With the Mosel boat ride, shopping at a Dirndl store, and eating good local food, drinking our Mosel wine, we concluded our day and kept some wonderful memories

At around 6.30 pm we made our way back. While walking to the train station, we took a last look up to the castle and said auf Wiedersehen to beautiful Cochem

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