Belgian Waffles in Brugge

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We were staying in our B&B in Ghent, Belgium, when we decided to take the train to Brugge. I heard so much about it, I think I got that idea watching Rick Steves. When in Europe, we never visit the same place twice, there is so much to see and explore. I remember those Waffles well, I had them on the Brugge Market place. They are so exceptional, light and fluffy.

I always look for something new when trying out recipes. These Belgian waffles are made with yeast and quark (substitute quark with greek yoghurt). 

We were sitting on the Marktplatz in Brugge when I ate those delicious Belgian waffles the first time. You should try, it will not disappoint you. Scroll down to see the recipe!

Angie’s pick. The Belgian waffle maker groves are deeper than the usual one, and they come in all price categories: