My Watercolor art on coffee mugs

I’ve been painting Bavarian/Frankonian castles, landscapes and architecture.

My Watercolor mugs are on Sale, 2 for $16 plus shipping ($8). I take PayPal. Contact me here


Neuschwanstein watercolor mug
Neuschwanstein Maroon, front and back. Two for $16 plus shipping

Back of Neuschwanstein watercolor mug, Wappen, coat of Arms

Wuerzburg Watercolor mugWürzburg Wappen Front


Würzburg back with Wappen still available


Nürnberg, Heilig Geist mug
Nürnberg, Heilig Geist still available
Rothenburg o.T mug
Rothenburg o.T. Sold out

Wuerzburg watercolor mug

Frankonia Mug, Front and back. Just a few left

Frankonia Mug, Front and back.


Neuschwanstein Still available
Bamberg still available
Frankonia watercolor Mug
Unterfranken Front
Franconia watercolor mug
Unterfranken back

Bamberg still available

More of my mugs can be found here Angie‘s Water Color mugs

Water color painting is my passion. Here are the products I use, and can b e purchase of Amazon below

I have been living half of my life in Germany, then US, and traveling since then. My passion is cooking, painting and glass mosaic art. I try to re-create recipes I grew up with or tasted while traveling in Europe. To read my newest Blog please "Follow" me on the right by entering your email address, or press „Like“ on the Facebook tab

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