Rüdesheim at the Rhine

On our travels we took several day cruises on the Rhine, one of the cruise boats departs in Koblenz. The last stop of the Rhine river cruise with the the KD Goethe ship is Rüdesheim. KD stands for Köln-Düsseldorf

Rüdesheim is surrounded by the Rheingau wine mountains and a gateway to the upper Middle Rhine Valley. The main attraction, the famous Drosselgasse, is a narrow alley and only 2 meters wide and 144 meters long. It is walked by three Million people/tourists a year. There a mainly Wine restaurants, gift and souvenir shops

This small wine town in the Hessian Rheingau-Taunus district is part of the UNESCO World Heritage in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley with its direct location directly on the banks of the Rhine. The area around Rüdesheim was settled early, both the Celts and the Romans left their mark.

  • Koblenz KD boat landing
  • River Cruise boat
  • Ruedesheim
  • Ruedesheim am Rhein, Rhine
  • Ruedesheim am Rhein, Restaurant, Rhine
  • Ruedesheim Drosselgasse
  • Ruedesheim, Rüdesheim, Drosselgasse, Fachwerk, half timbered homes
  • Federweissen with Zwiebelkuchen

In addition to the pretty old town, there are two bizarre museums in Rüdesheim, the first German Museum for data storage musical instruments and the Medieval Torture Museum. Drosselgasse with its various wine bars, the Niederwald monument and the ruins of Ehrenfels Castle are the most visited tourist destinations in this area

KD Day Cruise Koblenz to Rüdesheim

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