Marburg Market Square, Marktplatz Sticky post

Marburg, a lovely old town with cobblestone streets and half-timbered homes

A large part of Marburg has many half-timbered homes that have been lovingly renovated and is today again showing its historical charm. My stroll through the picturesque alleys started at the Market square, whose striking Rathaus or town hall in late Gothic style was completed in 1527. I took a pause and shot some pictures of this magnificent building while waiting for the City Trolley Train. Continue reading Marburg, a lovely old town with cobblestone streets and half-timbered homes

Nuernberg Albrecht Duerer Haus Sticky post

Nuremberg Albrecht Dürer Haus

A couple years back, while in Nürnberg, we were eating at the Augustiner Restaurant. As we were enjoying our lunch, we struck a conversation with the waitress about places to explore She mentioned the historic Albrecht Dürer half-timbered Fachwerk home just a couple feet away. Dürer was Germany’s most famous painter and lived from 1509 in the large half-timbered house for almost 20 years. The … Continue reading Nuremberg Albrecht Dürer Haus

Ruedesheim am Rhein, Rhine Sticky post

Rüdesheim am Rhein

On our travels we took several day cruises on the Rhine, one of the cruise boats departs in Koblenz. The last stop of the Rhine river cruise with the the KD Goethe ship is Rüdesheim. KD stands for Köln-Düsseldorf Rüdesheim is surrounded by the Rheingau wine mountains and a gateway to the upper Middle Rhine Valley. The main attraction, the famous Drosselgasse, is a narrow alley … Continue reading Rüdesheim am Rhein

Burg Stahleck near Bacherach

A stop in Bacharach on the Rhine river day cruise

Leaving from Koblenz on a day cruise to Rüdesheim, we stopped in Bacharach for lunch at the ‘Altes Haus’ from 1389. Afterwards we strolled the romantic cobblestone streets with the half timbered homes. The town of Bacherach is located in the district of Mainz-Bingen in the the Rhineland and a popular tourist destination We departed on a river day cruise in Koblenz with the KD … Continue reading A stop in Bacharach on the Rhine river day cruise

Bacherach Rhein, Rhine Sticky post

Historic Timbered Style Homes and the building process

My Grandparents half-timbered home (Fachwerk) in Dettelbach was built in 1560. My uncle discovered it by chance when renovating it. Of course it has plumbing and electric for decades, it’s just the ceilings are really low and walls are crooked. The town has strict architectural guidelines. I am intrigued about the building process of those medieval half timbered homes. I did some research and I … Continue reading Historic Timbered Style Homes and the building process

Limburg an der Lahn, Fachwerk

Limburg an der Lahn

A side trip west of Frankfurt, Limburg and der Lahn Altstadt, or Old Town, is a charming medieval town. We parked our car below Woolworth in Old Town parking garage and started from there I love Cobblestone and timber-framed homes, (Fachwerk), which is abundant. There is so much architectural detail and history. Note, the oldest Home, the Werner Singer House is built in 1289! We … Continue reading Limburg an der Lahn