Wirsinggemüse, a creamed Savoy Cabbage dish from the Franconia region

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Savoy cabbage, Wirsinggemuese, Bratwurst, potatoes

I was in the vegetable section of the grocery store the other day and found a Savoy Cabbage. I remembered that my mother used to make a creamed Cabbage vegetable dish at family gatherings

You can find Savoy Cabbage in certain grocery stores in the US. Maybe try Harris Teeter, Publix, Wegmans, Whole Foods or Earth Fare

Savoy cabbage, Wirsinggemüse

Savoy Cabbage, besides other vegetables, is grown in the Franconian Farmland or Knoblauchland near Nürnberg. This area is characterized by intensive relationships with the adjacent urban areas. On one prospect there was the supply of the city population with vegetables, and on the other, the city of Nürnberg protected the nearby cultivation areas and farmers in times of war and emergency.

Near Nürnberg is the “Knoblauchsland”, one of the largest contiguous vegetable growing areas of its kind in Germany. The development goes back to the 8th century. The historically significant and old Franconian cultural landscape is located in the middle of the city triangle Nürnberg-Fürth-Erlangen in Bavaria.

A Vegetable field at the Defense church near Kraftshof (Nürnberg)

  • Savoy cabbage, Wirsing
  • Savoy cabbage, Wirsing
  • Wirsinggemüse, Savoy cabbage ingredients
  • Wirsing, Savoy cabbage
  • Remove core of Wirsing, Savoy cabbage
  • Minced Onions
  • Melting butter in pan
  • fry the onions
  • Fry the cabbage
  • Fry the cabbage
  • Add broth to the creamed cabbage
  • Mix the cabbage in Mixer
  • Mixing cabbage
  • Mixed cabbage
  • Season creamed spinach
  • Add whole cream to creamed cabbage
  • Adding flour to creamed cabbage
  • Creamed savoy cabbage, Wirsinggemüse
  • Savoy cabbage, Wirsinggemüse
  • German meat patties, Fleischkräpfle , Frikadellen, Buletten, Potato salad and creamed savoy cabbage
  • Savoy cabbage, Wirsinggemuese, Bratwurst, potatoes

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