side dish

Schupfnudeln, a potato-pasta dish I tasted first at the Bodensee

Many dishes at the Bodensee are prepared in the traditional way. While there, I discovered new cuisines and had my…

1 year ago

German Potato dumplings or Kartoffelknödel (halb und halb)

This is how my mother prepared and cooked potato dumplings. She would use both boiled and raw potatoes for this…

1 year ago

Fancy roasted Brussels Sprouts with sweet Potato

This is a recipe I have prepared a couple years ago, and it was so delicious I felt like I…

2 years ago

Spicy and savory Apple-Cranberry Chutney

One of my favorite condiment or side for my Christmas dinner table is an Apple Cranberry Chutney that will go…

3 years ago

Sauerkraut the Bavarian way

I came to the realization that many people don't like Sauerkraut. I was puzzled and wondered why, so I asked…

4 years ago

Glazed Carrots with Walnuts

  Still looking for a vegetable as a side dish for your next dinner? I found this to be a…

4 years ago

Semmelknödel for the Fearful and the Brave

Have you ever been afraid of bread dumplings falling apart in the water, because of some experience of the past?…

4 years ago

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