Swabian Krautkrapfen, a stable on the table

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Sometimes I get my inspiration while watching a German cooking show “Lecker aufs Land or “Landfrauenküche”. Six women from rural regions of parts of Germany cook for each other. At the end, the ladies rate each other on decorating the table and meals they prepared. These shows are on YouTube (see on bottom) in German for anybody likes to watch. This time the show was in Upper Swabia and had the Krautkrapfen on the menu. I cooked the recipe and wrote in English below.

Last time I visited the Swabian region I had the Maultaschen at some friends house. This Krautkrapfen version is a lot easier, no need to make your own pasta dough, just use cooked Lasagna sheets.

  • Frying bacon
  • Bacon
  • Mince onion
  • Fry onions and bacon
  • Squeeze the water out of the Sauerkraut
  • Add the Sauerkraut to the onions and bacon in pan
  • cooked Lasagna sheets
  • Place on Lasagne sheets the onion, bacon and Sauerkraut mixture
  • Roll the Lasagna sheets with the Sauerkraut mixture
  • Fill casserole dish with the rolls
  • Add broth to the casserole dish 3/4 up to the rim
  • Bake Krautkrapfen covered at 350 F for 35 minutes
  • Brown some bread crumbs with butter in a pan
  • cover casserole with browned bread crumbs
  • Krautkrapfen ala Angie

If you feel like it and have time you could use this recipe to make your own Pasta for the Krautkrapfen. Once you prepared the pasta dough follow these steps:

Knead the dough on a floured work surface, cut in half and roll out both parts very thinly into long rectangles.
Spread the prepared Sauerkraut mixture over the halves of the dough, leaving the edges a little free, then roll up from the long side and place seam-side down on the worktop.
Cut the rolls of dough into slices approx. 5 cm thick (2″) and place them close together in an ovenproof dish.

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