Swabian Krautkrapfen

Swabian Krautkrapfen, a stable on the table

Sometimes I get my inspiration while watching a German cooking show “Lecker aufs Land or “Landfrauenküche”. Six women from rural regions of parts of Germany cook for each other. At the end, the ladies rate each other on decorating the table and meals they prepared. These shows are on YouTube (see on bottom) in German for anybody likes to watch. This time the show was … Continue reading Swabian Krautkrapfen, a stable on the table

Pork with Sauerkraut, Smoked Meats plate

Sauerkraut the Bavarian way

I came to the realization that many people don’t like Sauerkraut. I was puzzled and wondered why, so I asked them. Basically what I was told it has a sour or bitter taste. I also believe when you grow up with certain foods, your taste buds adjust. I explained to my friends that Sauerkraut should be prepared, and not be eaten straight out of a jar or can, they became curious. Continue reading Sauerkraut the Bavarian way