Swabian Krautkrapfen Sticky post

Swabian Krautkrapfen, a stable on the table

Sometimes I get my inspiration while watching a German cooking show “Lecker aufs Land: or “Landfrauenküche”. Five women from rural regions of parts of Germany cook for each other. At the end, the ladies get rated on decorating the table and on the meals they cooked. I was anxious to cook this recipe Continue reading Swabian Krautkrapfen, a stable on the table

Pork with Sauerkraut, Smoked Meats plate Sticky post

Sauerkraut the Bavarian way

I came to the realization that many people don’t like Sauerkraut. I was puzzled and wondered why, so I asked them. Basically what I was told it has a sour or bitter taste. I also believe when you grow up with certain foods, your taste buds adjust. I explained to my friends that Sauerkraut should be prepared, and not be eaten straight out of a jar or can, they became curious. Continue reading Sauerkraut the Bavarian way