French baguette

French Baguette (no knead)

When I gave baking classes several years ago, I invited about 10 Ladies over to bake breads and baguettes. I had prepared the dough a day before, so I did my demonstration The house smelled heavenly while baking. Afterward we all sat down and tasted the freshly baked bread with some of my homemade French Liver Pate and Cheeses. While preparing my German Bauernbrot I … Continue reading French Baguette (no knead)

Cranberry Walnut no-knead bread Sticky post

No-knead delicious Cranberry-Walnut bread

As many of my friends know, I love to bake breads, and that in many varieties. Today I baked my Cranberry-Walnut bread with my German no-knead bread basic recipe (below) in the very hot Dutch oven. I just added some dried Cranberries and crushed Walnuts. This bread makes a festive edition to your holiday dinner, may it be Thanksgiving or Christmas. Continue reading No-knead delicious Cranberry-Walnut bread

German Rolls, Broetchen, German bread

German Bakeries and their Secret

I became a hobby baker when there were no bakeries with fresh breads available; basically out of necessity. So every time I am in Germany, I do my bakery run in the morning, since there are at least two of them in walking distance. I noticed a distinct difference between bakeries, so I did some reading. I had figured out what makes the “Krume” or texture so different Continue reading German Bakeries and their Secret