German Bakeries and their Secret

I became a hobby baker when there were no bakeries with fresh breads available; basically out of necessity. So every time I am in Germany, I do my bakery run in the morning, since there are at least two of them in walking distance. I noticed a distinct difference between bakeries, so I did some reading. I had figured out what makes the “Krume” or texture so different

A secret baking ingredient is Active Diastatic Enzymes. It enhances the “Krume”, you would still use the yeast! It promotes a strong rise, great texture and crust. You’d use only 1 tsp per 3 cups of flour. Here is my Crusty Baguette and Bauernbrot .

Diastatic Enzymes is a natural product made from sprouted grain. During germination, enzymes are increasingly produced in the grain, which feed the seedling by splitting flour starch into sugars. If the germination is stopped by drying the grain, the enzymes remain in the grain, and under certain conditions can improve the bread characteristics. My favorite Diastatic Malt can be ordered here

Brötchen ( small rolls) is a term used mainly in northern and central Germany for small pastries of various kinds. In some German-speaking areas there are a variety of other terms, but essentially all mean the same thing.

Germany has about 3200 types of Breads, the biggest assortment in the world

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Brötchen is a collective term, that is baked from mostly unsweetened dough, formed small and from light or dark wheat, or rye flour mixtures. The bulk liquid used is predominantly water, but sometimes also milk. For rising agents traditionally baker’s yeast or sourdough is used.

The term “Brödle” used in Swabian, Baden or western part of Germany does not mean bread rolls in the sense, but stands for cookies. Brötchen are mostly crusty wheat rolls and do not stay crunchy or soft for long. The inside of bread rolls is called “Krume”

German Bread variety
German Bread variety

Here are different breads by region:

Baden: Schwarzwälder Landbrot, Odenwälder Brot, Berches, Elsässer Bauernbrot
Bayern: Münchner Hausbrot, Bayrisches Urbrot, Frankenlaib, Bayrisches Landbrot
Berlin/Brandenburg: Berliner Landbrot, Kommissbrot
Hamburg: Hamburger Feinbrot, Hamburger Schwarzbrot
Hessen: Kasseler Brot, Hessenländer, Spessartkruste, Rhöner Landbrot
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Pommersches Landbrot
Niedersachsen/Bremen: Gersterbrot, Heidebrot, Harzer Brocken, Oldenburger Schwarzbrot
Rheinland: Rheinisches Schwarzbrot, Eifeler Brot, Westerwälder Landbrot
Saarland: Saarländer Kornbrot
Sachsen-Anhalt: Altmärkerbrot
Sachsen: Malfabrot, Schlesisches Landbrot
Schleswig-Holstein: Holsteiner Landbrot, Lauenburger Landbrot, Rosenstuten
Südwesten/Pfalz: Pfälzer Krustenbrot, Hunsrücker Bauernbrot
Thüringen: Thüringer Krustenbrot, Thüringer Kartoffelbrot
Westfalen: Münsterländer, Westfälischer Pumpernickel, Siegerländer, Paderborner Landbrot
Württemberg: Schwabenländer, Berches, Genetztes Brot, Dinkelbrot, Schwabenbrot

Variety of cream cakes, Torten

Coffee and cake is my favorite past time in the afternoon

Whenever there is a family get together there has to be “Kaffee und Kuchen”

As I mentioned earlier, you can bake your own bread, and there is no kneading involved. Bake your own Bread

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