Kesselfleisch, Schlachtplatte

Kesselfleisch and Hausmacher

My mother grew up on a farm and married my father, who was a teacher. She brought some of her customs and traditions back into our family. Every Autumn we ordered a half pig from the butcher and had a “Schlachtfest’ at our house. This feast, when the family and neighbors gathered at our house was the highlight of the year If you are unfamiliar, … Continue reading Kesselfleisch and Hausmacher

Homemade Liverwurst in a glass jar, Hausmacher Leberwurst

Pfälzer Leberwurst or Liverwurst

Whenever I have a craving for Liverwurst I make my own. After filling the jar, put a slice of bacon on top to keep the air out. Close the lid and boil the jar one to two hours. Leberwurst always taste better the next day. The jars with liverwurst will keep about 4 to 6 month in the refrigerator. I prefer Leberwurst in the jar, … Continue reading Pfälzer Leberwurst or Liverwurst