Kesselfleisch, Schlachtplatte

Kesselfleisch and Hausmacher

My mother grew up on a farm and married my father, who was a teacher. She brought some of her customs and traditions back into our family. So every Autumn we ordered a half pig from the butcher and had a “Schlachtfest’ at our house. This feast, when the family and neighbors gathered at our house was the highlight of the year If you are … Continue reading Kesselfleisch and Hausmacher

Homemade Liverwurst in a glass jar, Hausmacher Leberwurst

Pfälzer Leberwurst or Liverwurst

The delicious Pfälzer liver sausage is one of the traditional German specialties. A slightly coarse liver sausage, which despite its consistency has a nice creaminess and a fabulous taste. An original delicacy! Whenever I have a craving for Liverwurst I make my own. After filling the jar, put a slice of bacon on top to keep the air out. Close the lid and boil the … Continue reading Pfälzer Leberwurst or Liverwurst