Sandkuchen, a German Pound Cake

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My mother’s Sandkuchen is super simple, but always delicious. This recipe makes a guaranteed non-dry twist on the traditional sandy cake!

Sandkuchen, as the name says, is a dry version compared to the American pound cake

Admittedly, Sandkuchen often looks unspectacular. But with the right recipe, you can quickly get a wonderfully moist and fluffy cake that can also be refined. No wonder my mother’s Sandkuchen has been popular for so long!

The most popular Gugelhupf form can be ordered here

Can be covered with powdered sugar or a sugar glaze

First of all, a brief definition of terms. Because everyone knows the term Sandkuchen or Sand Cake. But what exactly is hidden behind it, you may not yet know. A so-called sand mass is more or less a particularly “heavy” batter because it is rich. The dough consists of soft butter, sugar, eggs, (comparatively little) flour, baking powder and cornstarch. The latter is typical for the Sandkuchen.

It should actually have a sandy consistency. The more starch there is in the dough, the “sandier” and evenly finer the pores become. On the other hand, it is also a bit drier and crumbly. So please don’t make the batter complete with just starch. This cake recipe makes it really tasty. You definitely don’t have to dip it in the coffee to be able to eat it

For this recipe I used two rectangular cake pans. You can order them on Amazon.

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