Schaschlik Kebab with a Curry Tomato sauce

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This Shisch Kebab or Schaschlik (Shashlik) recipe brings back memories of Family get-togethers in my childhood. It is also remembered as 80’s party food,

These Kebabs were an easy dish we had prepared on skewers, sometimes a day before, and then cooked on low in a curry-tomato sauce

We ate this meal often at small gatherings. I especially remember this Kebab devoured at a Grill Bude, a BBQ Booth in town with some fries. Preferable sides to the Schaschlik is a French Baguette to scoop out the Schaschlik sauce, fries or rice

Schaschlik, Kebab with onions, peppers, zucchini
Optional: preparing Schaschlik-Kebab with beef, pork and chicken cubes, shrimp skewers, onions, peppers, zucchini and cherry tomatoes

The meat can be frozen for 30 minutes for easier cutting. I would use Pork and/or Beef (Chicken to your preference), thick bacon, red bell peppers and onions all cut in cubes and then slide on skewers. Push down the meat as an end piece. With that a homemade decadent Curry-Tomato sauce.

Optional: The Kebabs can be charred on a Charcoal Grill first, then finish baking on low in the oven with the Curry-Tomato sauce

Schaschlik, Kebab in grill
Grill until nicely browned

You need Skewers for your Schisch Kebab. I recommend metal for the grill.This one has a vertical rack which is very practical.

  • Schaschlik Schisch Kebab
  • Schaschlik, Kebab on grill
  • Schaschlik, Kebab on grill

If you use the the wooden kind or Bamboo, these skewers need to be moistened first. You can buy these Skewers on Amazon here:

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