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A German town built on a “Crater”

A couple years ago we did a four day trip down the Romantic Road and stopped in Nördlingen. It is one of the most attractive towns in the central part of the Romantic Road. It has been found that there was a meteorite impact 15 million years ago which formed a crater
The town of Nördlingen is the largest town in the Swabian district of Donau-Ries in Bavaria. Continue reading A German town built on a “Crater”

Rothenburg City Hall, Rothenburg Rathaus, astronomical clock

Rothenburg Rathaus History

When in Rothenburg, I have often looked up to the Rathaus clocks and wondered if this little piece of history is true, or just folklore. I mean, who drinks one gallon of wine one sitting?! It’s up for you to decide. Also see “Three Days in Rothenburg” Thanks to three clocks, time never stops in the Ratstrinkstube (City Drinking Hall) Below the gable of the … Continue reading Rothenburg Rathaus History

Dinkelsbuehl, Romantic Road, Franconia

Dinkelsbühl on the Romantic Road

We were vacationing near Würzburg when we decided to take a day trip along the Romantic Road. On the route were Dinkelsbühl and Rothenburg where we stayed several hours and strolled the cobblestone streets and admired the architecture As a former Reichsstadt, Dinkelsbühl in Middle Frankonia had rather small growth since the end of the Holy Roman Empire. It has escaped both wars and city planners kept … Continue reading Dinkelsbühl on the Romantic Road

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Würzburg, where I grew up

Every now and then we visit my hometown Würzburg. We rent a little vacation home, only 10 km down the river in Veitshöchheim, the town where I spent my childhood. In the Morning, after my Brötchen run and having breakfast, we walk down to the dock at the Main River and take the next tour boat to Würzburg. We rent a holiday home in Veitshöchheim … Continue reading Würzburg, where I grew up

Rothenburg Ploenlein

Three days in Rothenburg

While at a Family reunion in Lower Franconia, we did a side trip to Rothenburg for a friends destination wedding. Arriving by train, we checked into a darling medieval B&B in the center of town from walking distance to the Marktplatz. We had an amazing time. I hope you enjoy my photos Rothenburg is in the region of Franconia, a part of Bavaria. Most of … Continue reading Three days in Rothenburg