Three days in Rothenburg

Rothenburg Ploenlein
While at a Family reunion in Lower Franconia, we did a side trip to Rothenburg for a friends destination wedding


Arriving by train, we checked into a darling medieval B&B in the center of town from walking distance to the Marktplatz. We had an amazing time. I hope you enjoy my photos

Markusturm with Röderbogen, Rothenburg o.T.
Markusturm with Röderbogen, Rothenburg o.T.
Markusturm with Röderbogen, Rothenburg o.T.
Markusturm with Röderbogen, Rothenburg o.T.
Cityhall, Rothenburg o.T.

                           Also see Rathaus history

Taubertal, Rothenburg o.T.
Taubertal mit Rothenburgkulisse


Ploenlein, Rothenburg o.T.


Oldest Guesthouse in Rothenburg "Zur Höll’
Oldest Guesthouse in Rothenburg “Zur Höll’ anno 1300


Alte Schmiede, Rothenburg o. T.
Die Alte Schmiede


Rothenburg o. T.
Historic facades

Biergarten, Rothenburg o. T.

My favorite Biergarten
Weisser Turm, Georgengasse, Rothenburg o. T.
Weisser Turm, Georgengasse


Rothenburg o. T.
PLönlein, walking up to the Marktplatz
Children in Tracht, Rothenburg o. T.
Children in Tracht
Käthe Wolfahrt Chriskindlmarkt, Rothenburg
Käthe Wolfahrt Chriskindlmarkt

Brotzeit, German lunch meats, Rothenburg

Brotzeit at the oldest Gasthaus “Zur Hölle”



German supper at Rothenburg
We had a nice meal near the Marketplace


Rothenburg Antiques stores, Biersteins
Lots of Antiques

Burgtor Rothenburg


Bed & Breakfast, Rothenburg

Our Bed and Breakfast anno 1400

I recommend getting a guide to explore this historic town. You can order your copy below:

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