Dinkelsbühl on the Romantic Road

Dinkelsbuehl, Romantic Road, Franconia

We were staying near Würzburg when we decided to make a day trip along the Romantic Road. On the way are Dinkelsbühl and Rothenburg o. T.

As a former Reichsstadt, Dinkelsbühl in Middle Frankonia had rather small growth since the end of the Holy Roman Empire. It has escaped both wars and city planners kept the old town largely intact. It is a must stop along the Romantic Road! Dinkelsbühl was  “de facto” self governing until 1802 when it was annexed by Bavaria in the course of the wars of Napoleon

Visitors from all over the world flock to this medieval town to get a taste of its vibrant ambiance.

Wörnitztor, Dinkelsbühl

As we arrived in Dinkelsbühl we were walking through the Wörnitztor

Dinkelsbühl was a former Imperial Town and now has a distinctive townscape. It lies in the idyllic Wörnitz Valley.
The “Hezelhof” and the “Deutsches Haus” are a reminder of Dinkelsbühl’s glorious era in the 15th and 16th century. Dinkelsbühl has perfectly preserved town walls and magnificent patrician houses. The towns industrious craftsmen and flourishing trading activities enhanced its wealth.

You can discover picturesque nooks, crannies and alleyways of the old town putting you back to two centuries. Dinkelsbühl has fortifications and 16 towers that provided protection from attack. 

Also take a side trip to Rothenburg o. T. which is only 20 minutes away

Sankt Georg's Münster, Gothic church built 1448-1499
Sankt Georg’s Münster, Gothic church built 1448-1499

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I recommend to get a Guide Book before driving down the Romantic Road. It helped me greatly to find sights I might would’ve missed. You can order them below:

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