Rothenburg Rathaus History

Rothenburg City Hall, Rothenburg Rathaus, astronomical clock

When in Rothenburg, I have often looked up to the Rathaus clocks and wondered if this little piece of history is true, or just folklore. I mean, who drinks one gallon of wine one sitting?! It’s up for you to decide.

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Thanks to three clocks, time never stops in the Ratstrinkstube (City Drinking Hall)

Below the gable of the “Ratstrinkstube” is the the large city clock of 1683. The Sun Clock dates back to 1768, with the display and sundial mount, as well as the well-known Rothenburg coat of arms.

Previously only council man were allowed to operate in the Rathaus. Today the building with the Rothenburg Tourist office is the first point of contact for all visitors to the city.

Also noteworthy is the art clock on the facade of the City hall, which represents since 1910 the legendary champion drink of 1631. 

The Shutters open between 10 am and 10 pm on the hour. Exactly to the minute it shows the famous scene of the old Mayor Nusch, who on command of Count Tilly, emptied a 3.25-liter or ~1 gallon “Humpen” (large wine pitcher) with Franconian wine in one sitting, therefore prevented lutheran Rothenburg from destruction of the catholic troops

Rothenburg Marktplatz

I enjoy sitting at one of the Restaurants at the Marktplatz watching people walk. Here is the view to the “Ratsdrinkstube”.

Part of the trip included tour, so I got to drink wine out of a huge “Humpen” at the Drinking Hall.

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