The”Giant” in Miltenberg

The real GIANT „Zum Riesen” in Miltenberg was documented as a medieval Hostel, and is now operated as a Hotel. Did you know, the “Giant” can justifiably be called the oldest royal hostel in Germany. Dr. Ph. Madler mentions in his 1865 historical memorabilia of the Inn “Zum Riesen“, that Charles IV took quarters there for eight days in February 1368.

Martin Glas Heimatphotographie Der Riese Miltenberg
“Der Riese” in Miltenberg. photo by Martin Glas Heimatphotographie

Documents from Dr. Madler served as a source, are no longer available today. However, the first documented mention of the “Riesen” in a court book from 1411 is historically true. In this book, on July 6th, the “Riesen” host” Conrad Trestram is named, who presumably built the Gothic building. Most parts of the 1590 Riesen building has been re-created and preserved.

  • Miltenberg "Zum Riesen" Guesthouse 1900
  • Miltenberg "Zum Riesen" Guesthouse
  • Miltenberg "Zum Riesen" Guesthouse sign
  • Miltenberg zum Riesen, oldest Restaurant and Hotel in Germany
  • Miltenberg "Zum Riesen" Guesthouse
  • Miltenberg "Zum Riesen" Guesthouse
  • Miltenberg "Zum Riesen" Guesthouse
  • Miltenberg, Blick zum Riesen
  • Miltenburg Schnatterloch fountain, Brunnen
  • View to Miltenberg, Franconia, Bavaria
  • Miltenberg, Franconia, Bavaria
  • Miltenberg Schnatterloch fountain,Half timbered homes, Fachwerk

Jost Virnhaber from Schwäbisch-Hall must have been an outstanding “Giant owner”. The “Rathsfreundt” and Host or Gastgeber “Zum Riesen” was granted a hundred wooden oak trunks for renovation by the council in 1589, “because it was a Royal hostel”. The carpenter Jakob Stoer is noted as the builder of the imposing Renaissance building.

The beautiful Renaissance epitaph of Jost Virnhaber, who died on July 31st, 1600, can still be admired on the outer wall of the Laurentius Chapel.