Almond-Lemon Cake (low carb)

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For this Lemon Almond cake without flour, the description “juicy” doesn’t actually suffice at all. The low carb, gluten-free cake with ground almonds is extremely moist and still slightly moist on the inside. Exactly how I love my cakes!

This flourless Almond Lemon cake is extremely moist and delicious. Another plus point, the cake is gluten-free, and with a suitable sugar substitute it’ll also makes it low carb

By the way, this is also the perfect recipe for everyone who has been rather disappointed with gluten-free cakes so far, because these cakes are often rather dry. The opposite is the case here, it doesn’t matter whether you have to (or want to) eat gluten-free or not, you will definitely like the Almond Lemon cake without flour!

For a low-carb almond and lemon cake, simply replace the sugar with Erythritol or Xylitol, can be bought below:

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Basically, the Almond Lemon cake has more the consistency of a sponge cake. The basis is a very frothy egg mass. Similar to the Viennese biscuit, it is also refined with liquid butter, which makes the almond cake simply absolutely stunning in terms of consistency.

Almond cake

For me, the simple, juicy almond cake heralds Spring in culinary terms. Like lemon curd or cake au citron, the cake tastes like lemon. If you like it more intense, you can use twice the amount of lemon zest.

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I recommend to use the blanched version of Almonds. The result is really fine and optically nice and bright. How to blanch Almonds

In theory, it’s a cake that keeps for a long time. So you can bake the gluten-free almond-lemon cake the day before, or even two days in advance. In practice it is probably different. I had to be careful not to eat the whole Almond Lemon cake right after it came out of the oven (-:

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