Croissants aux Amandes in Paris

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I ate these decadent Almond Croissants while in Paris at the Les Deux Magots. They are also called Croissants aux Creme D’amandes or simply Croissants Fourrés

Croissants aux Amandes, Almond Croissant

Plain croissants are stuffed with a rich almond cream known as Crème d’ Amandes. The croissant is then flattened, covered with syrup and more almond cream and slivers, then baked for several minutes

We arrived at the Parisian district with a special charm, an atmosphere of character and a renowned Café name Les Deux Magots! With a patio facing the church, and its waiters in black and white clothes set the tone of Saint-Germain. We came here to enjoy the incessant Parisian ballet, the silhouettes and the lights of the city, the taste of old-fashioned chocolate coming out of steaming small pots with a delicious local pastry. Life could not be more perfect sitting facing the street and eating our Croissants aux Amandes.

Les Deux Magots, Paris
Les Deux Magots Café, Paris
To simplify, you can order Pastry creme and Almond paste on Amazon below the recipe

Make your own Almond Paste here

Croissants aux Amandes, Almond Croissant
Croissants aux Amandes with plain Almond Paste
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