Gratin Dauphinois, a creamy Potato casserole

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Potato gratin, Potato casserole

Gratin Dauphinois is a French dish of sliced potatoes baked in milk and/or cream, using the Gratin technique from the Dauphiné region in south-eastern France. A wonderful creamy potato casserole and side to impress your family or guests

I ate the Gratin Dauphinois on my way to Colmar while staying in the Black Forest. This scalloped potato casserole dish is absolutely simple. Made with just potatoes, heavy cream, garlic, butter, salt and pepper. If you like you can add Rosemary or Thyme.

It’s optional to add cheese, the version without cheese is a popular side dish for meat and fish, roast lamb and steak.
The step-by-step photos help you to cook this wonderful side dish yourself. Bon Appétit

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  1. Great blog post! The Gratin Dauphinois sounds delicious and I love how simple it is to make. Have you experimented with any other variations of this dish?
    Olivia Davis

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