Tasty Glühwein (hot mulled Red Wine)

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Gluehwein, Glühwein (hot mulled Red Wine)


Glühwein is a hot spiced mulled red wine and part of the Christmas market like the gifts under the Christmas tree

Today I am showing you how to make a really good mulled wine yourself

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Glühwein can be made from Red Wine, and I just found out also with White Wine. The wine is usually flavored with Christmas spices like cinnamon, cloves, anis and orange or lemon slices sweetened with sugar. The quality of the Glühwein depends primarily with the quality of the wine used, therefore I’d recommend Merlot Red Wine

The quality of the hot spiced wine at the Christmas market is usually not very good, I only drink it because I want to warm up when it’s cold

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Merry Christmas postcard, Daniel Stowe gardens in Belmont NC

Easy Glühwein Recipe here

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