Tasty Glühwein (hot mulled Red Wine)

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Glühwein, or hot mulled wine you can make yourself, better than at any Christmas market! The alcoholic hot drink is part of the Christmas market, like the gifts under the Christmas tree. But let’s be honest, most of the time we get cheap booze for dear money at the Christmas market, and we only drink it because we want to warm up. It is usually not that tasty. So today I am showing you how to make a really good mulled wine yourself.

Glühwein can be made from Red Wine, and which I just found out also with White Wine. The wine is usually flavored with Christmas spices, and depending on the taste, sweetened with sugar. The quality of the Glühwein stands and falls primarily with the quality of the wine used, we should therefore make sure to use a sensible wine. I’d recommend a Merlot Red Wine

Taste great with my Spekulatius cookies
Merry Christmas postcard, Daniel Stowe gardens in Belmont NC

Easy Glühwein Recipe here

Missing the German Christmas Markets. You can get into the mood drinking Glühwein next to a German Christmas Pyramide. Order below: