Eierlikör Punsch

Warm Eierlikör Punsch

Something you would not expect to taste this good. It can easily become your favorite drink at the Christmas Market

Warm Eggnog Liquor

1/2 Liter Egg Liquor, or Eggnog and Rum

1 Tblsp brown Sugar

1 liter white Wine

1 Tsp Cinnamon

Warm Egg liquor and brown sugar in pot while stirring. Add Wine and Cinnamon, bring it to a boil, immediately turn it off

In Deutsch

500 ml Eierlikör

1 EL brauner Zucker

I liter Weißwein

I TL Zimt

Den Eierlikör und Zucker unter Rühren erwärmen. Weißwein und Zimt die dazugeben und kurz aufkochen.

Warming Eierlikör Punsch
Warming Eierlikör Punsch
Warming Eierlikör Punsch with cinnamon
Warming Eierlikör Punsch topped with Cinnamon

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