Eierpunsch or Eggnog Liqueur Punsch

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The creamy Eggnog Liqueur Punsch brings the Christmas market home and is a great alternative to mulled wine

Eierpunsch is made with eggnog liqueur and white wine or Champagne and has an unexpected pleasant taste.

Hot Egg liquor Punsch, Eierpunsch

If you don’t have any of the Eggnog spirits below, you would heat plain Eggnog, add some Rum, or you can simply make a Eggnog Liqueur from scratch. Prepare the recipe below, fill in 6 cups or glasses and decorate with spray whipping cream. Sip with a straw

Eierpunsch can easily become your favorite drink at the Christmas Market

American brands Eggnog Spirits are Evan Williams made with Whisky, or Christian Brothers (Brandy). The best in my opinion is the more expensive imported Eggnog Liqueur is Verpoorten with Brandy and Bols. Both are Advocaat. All should be available in the US at least 6 weeks before Christmas at the Liquor store.

Verpoorten Eggnog Liqueur History

Did you know that the origins of the bright yellow, creamy VERPOORTEN ORIGINAL eggnog lie in the jungle of Brazil? There, the Tupi Guarani Indians brewed a creamy drink called “Abacate”. The main ingredient: the ripe pulp of the avocado. When Portuguese and Dutch sailors landed on the Brazilian coast for the first time in the 17th century, they quickly became enthusiastic about the avocado drink used by the indigenous people of the Amazon. They refined it with cane sugar and rum and called it “advocaat”.

They brought avocado trees with them to Europe on board their ships so that they could make Advocaat at home. Only – the Central European weather did not allow the trees to flourish. A substitute had to be found that was as creamy as the flesh of the avocado.

Verpoorten Egg liquor with Brandy

The Verpoorten Advocaat distillers worked on the recipe for more than 140 years in the Eugen Verpoorten Liqueur Factory. In 1876 and finally found the perfect ingredient: Egg Yolk!

The fat contained in the egg yolk forms an emulsion with alcohol and sugar, creating the typical creamy consistency. The Eierlikör was invented.

Today, VERPOORTEN, located in Bonn, is the fifth generation to produce this Eggnog Liquor according to the closely guarded family recipe. Since 1961, VERPOORTEN has been using the slogan “Ei-Ei-Ei-Verpoorten, whether here or everywhere”. Everyone knows this advertising jingle.

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