Germany’s highest Waterfall is in the Black Forest

Triberg Waterfall

I had the pleasure to view a natural spectacle of a special kind, the waterfall in Triberg in the Black Forest.

Foaming and roaring, the waters of the Gutach river plunge down 163 meters

On the paths along the waterfall cascades, I experienced this magnificent natural wonder

We reached the main entrance to the waterfalls easily from the city center by foot. There are four more entrances for the opportunity to reach the waterfalls from all sides. We drove by car and found a parking lot at the parking garage in the city center.

Triberg Waterfall, Black Forest

We informed ourselves at descriptive boards about animals, plants and peculiarities of the waterfall area, We observed the many squirrels along the ways.

The board said that the waterfalls are lit in the evening until about 10 pm and you can enjoy a fascinating sight. 

Triberg waterfall bridge

I heard from the locals, that especially when the water melts and after heavy rains, the falling water quantities are enormous. Newly built was a bridge with a platform, that allows to feel the mist of the falls and an exclusive view of the cascades.

I read on the information board said that the waterfalls are accessible year-round and offer an impressive backdrop even in winter.

Triberg waterfall path

Further information on winter opening can be found below. A little tip: Choose one of the three signs posted on routes, and enjoy the natural spectacle on the nature trail, the Kulturweg or the Kaskadenweg.

After hiking the trails of the waterfall we enjoyed a Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte or Black Forest cake at one of these places nearby, and afterward strolled the streets of the Triberg

  • Triberg, Black Forest, Schwarzwald
  • Triberg, Black Forest, Schwarzwald
  • Triberg, Black Forest, Schwarzwald window
  • Triberg, Black Forest, Schwarzwald
  • Triberg, Black Forest, Schwarzwald

Set your GPS: Hauptstraße 85, 78098 Triberg im Schwarzwald (Black Forest)

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