A teenager named Sacher created a famous Torte

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Sacher Torte

A couple years back I had this Torte at the original Sacher Hotel Cafe while in Vienna. This cake has an interesting history. Prince Metternich of Austria asked his court kitchen to create a special dessert for a reception in 1832.

The chef was sick that day, so the 16-year-old apprentice Franz Sacher (1816-1907) dreamed something up: and thus the original Sacher-Torte was born

On our last visit to Vienna we went inside the Sacher Cafe and Hotel. There we had the original Sacher Torte

Our Table is set for a special afternoon coffee, eating a Sacher Torte with our friends in Vienna

Hotel Sacher Cafe, Vienna, by Wikimedia
Hotel Sacher Cafe (by Wikimedia)
Sacher Hotel Vienna