Käsesahne Torte, or Cream Cake

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Käsesahne Cream cake, Käsesahne Torte mit Mandarinen

Käsesahne is one of my favorite Cream Cakes or Tortes when sitting at a street cafe in Germany. It’s a little challenging for a beginner, but it’s worthwhile and tastes great!

I had to plan ahead, meaning prepare and start baking 2 to 3 days before. When finished, the German cream cake needs to rest in the refrigerator 12 hours, or overnight to become firm

As the recipe below suggests, combine the whipping cream, sugar, the egg yolks, the salt, vanilla extract and the lemon zest into a saucepan and heat, do not boil. I did not have Gelatin sheets as the German recipe asked for, so I used four dissolved Knox powder gelatin dissolved in 1/2 cup water which worked well. Stir, and let cool slightly. In a large bowl mix the Greek Yoghurt and the lemon juice, stir. Whip the remaining cold whipping cream and add to mixture (see full Recipe below)

You can use 4 packets of Knox Gelatine, but if you like to use the original leaf or sheet Gelatine to stiffen the cream mixture.

Gelatin sheets can be bought here

Other Variations of Kaesesahne:

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