Christmas Goose, a feast for your loved ones

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Goose, dumplings, red cabbage

A juicy, crispy goose as I had growing up in Germany – who can resist that? Here is a wonderful recipe with a classic fruity-spicy filling. The Christmas goose is a wonderful festive meal

In Germany, young and old look forward to eating the deliciously seasoned goose legs and goose breast or nibbling on a goose wing. Should you also have a Christmas goose on the table for Christmas this year?

Serve with red cabbage, Potato pureeBread dumplings, or Potato dumplings and gravy

The Goose has a reputation for being too fatty for some, but with the right preparation they will not be disappointed. If guests are reluctant, don’t divulge what kind of bird it is, unless they ask. I’ve done this trick before (-;


The right preparation starts with choosing the right goose: a good bird costs over $50. It is worth paying attention to (organic) quality, because bad poultry meat not only has to cook longer, it doesn’t taste this good. A fresh goose smells pleasant or nothing at all, and has intact skin. I typically only prepare and eat a female goose because they are more tender. Fresh geese are preferable to frozen ones, as a frozen goose has a drier taste and takes longer to cook.

  • Goose with potato dumpling, red cabbage
  • Potato dumplings, halb seidene Kartoffelknoedel
  • Red cabbage, Blaukraut
  • Goose leg with fried potatoes and red cabbage

The Size

Many people wonder how big a goose so it fits in a normal oven. The guide value is 10 pounds to a maximum of 12 pounds. The goose may only just fit into the roasting pan or oven at first, but the volume will decrease a little over time. You should calculate about 2 pounds per person. If there are still giblets, you either dispose of them or make a gravy. Alternatively, you can boil them, make the dog happy.

The Tools

The choice of tools are also important when preparing a goose. In addition to knives, cutting board and peeler, you’ll need a silicone brush and poultry scissors, a carving knife. Typical spices for a classic roast goose are juniper berries, peppercorns and thyme or oregano, and of course salt and pepper.

I have seen Goose at Publix and other speciality meat stores. Ask your local grocer butcher to order one.

The following recipe has been proven, and thus you can prepare it as a feast for your loved ones
Customarily, sides are Potato dumplings and red sweet an sour Red Cabbage
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