Marmorkuchen or Marble Cake

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Marble Cake

Cake and birthdays inevitably belong together. Especially the marble cake is popular with children and guests alike.

Optically, this classic marble cake on the birthday table is a little eye-catcher: while cutting the bright sponge meets the chocolate counterpart, the nice pattern appears, and is likely a hit.

Before starting the preparation of the marble cake, it is best to remove the chilled ingredients, such as butter, eggs and milk, from the fridge about two hours before. All the ingredients in the preparation of the dough should have room temperature, and combine well into a homogeneous mass. That makes for a wonderfully loose marble cake.

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The Dough

Gradually drip sugar into the soft butter, which has been whipped with the mixer. The sugar is stirred with the butter until it has completely dissolved. The mass is ready when it has not turned yellow, but quite bright. The eggs are added to the sugar-butter mixture, with each egg being stirred in separately for about half a minute. That makes for a nice bond. If you like it particularly fruity and juicy, you can add a ripe, crushed banana and also stir it.

To make the dough particularly fluffy, sift flour mixed with baking powder over the butter mass. Stirred with the blender, a smooth dough is made from the flour mixture and the butter mass, which is then stirred until creamy with a dash of milk. The bright batter comes to two-thirds in a Springform with tube bottom insert

Birthday cake Birthday cake, German Marble Cake, Marmorkuchen

Marble the Cake

The characteristic of the marble cake is a pretty pattern of light and dark dough. For the pattern to succeed, blend the rest of the light batter with sifted cocoa, sugar and milk. This turns the light into a brown batter, that is distributed evenly along the mold on the light dough.

The beautiful pattern is created by spirally pulling a fork, some use a knife, through the layers of dough. Thus, the light and dark dough can mix with each other in even vortices.


The marble cake should be baked in the oven for about 50 minutes at 350F. Tip: You can test if the cake with a toothpick or food thermometer (207 F), then it should be done. Simply stick a wooden stick in the marble cake and if no dough sticks to the stick when pulled out, the delicious baked goods are ready.

After baking, the marble cake is best left to stand in the mold for another 10 minutes. This makes it easier to release from the mold.

Birthday cake Birthday cake, German Marble Cake, Marmorkuchen
Sprinkle the cooled marble cake with some powdered sugar, and you can already enjoy the this pastry at the birthday coffee. If you like, you may also decorate the cake with chocolate icing or vanilla frosting.