The original Italian Neapolitan Pizza

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Italian style Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan Pizza

An authentic Pizza Recipe from a Pizzeria in Naples, Italy

It simply tastes unique with imported Caputo 00 Pizza flour and yeast that is baked quickly at a very high temperature

When in Italy several years ago, I tasted the Pizza that is unique to Naples. It is a simple recipe that has quality ingredients. You can easily make the dough yourself at home.
Top your pizza dough as you like. With this dough you can also make Calzones, Garlic Knots or Pizza Sticks. Have fun preparing and baking.

Preferably you should use Italian pizza flour, the so-called Tipo 00 flour. If not available you can use King Arthur regular white flour.


By using the special pizza flour, the dough has a better consistency and tears less easily. Unlike most pizza dough recipes, you only need very little yeast for this dough. This ensures a much better taste that is common with original Neapolitan pizza dough.

Below you will find the ingredients for the recipe. You can easily use this basic dough recipe for other dishes, such as pizza sticks, pizza bread, Garlic Knots or pita bread. There are no limits to your imagination. I like to bake smaller pieces, especially when I only have a bit of dough left, and then dip them in olive oil.

  • Italian style Neapolitan Pizza ingredients
  • adding yeast to water
  • Italian style Neapolitan Pizza ingredients
  • Adding olive oil to pizza dough
  • Adding more flour to the bowl
  • Adding salt, diastatic malt to the flour mixture
  • Stir dough with Danish dough whisk
  • cover prepared dough
  • Let rise dough for at least 6 hours in covered bowl
  • Place dough into bowls
  • weighing dough
  • Freeze or store leftover Pizza dough
  • form balls of pizza dough
  • Roll out dough
  • Flatten pizza dough by hand
  • Pizza toppings
  • Flatten dough on pizza peel
  • Pizza sauce on dough
  • Adding topping on the pizza dough
  • Add Mozzarella topping to dough
  • Bake dough in oven at 500 F
  • Pizza bakery in Naples Italy
  • Pizza Bakery oven in Naples Italy
  • Italian style Neapolitan Pizza
  • decorate the pizza after baking with basil.

Use the Original Italian Yeast here on Amazon

You can make your own Pizza sauce and add herbs, like Basil and Oregano, or just decorate the pizza after baking with these Italian herb leaves.

I recommend a Pizza stone (or baking steel) that can be bought here:


The recipe for this original Italian pizza dough comes from an ancient Italian pizzeria in Naples and is written in old documents as “Pasta per la pizza numero 328” that was found on a faded piece of paper. For this dough you need original Italian pizza flour, the so-called Tipo 00 flour

But now to the ingredients. You only need a few ingredients for the basic pizza dough recipe. Therefore it is very important that you pay attention to the best quality of the ingredients used.

I have linked the ingredients below with which I have had the best experience:

Caputo 00 Italian Pizza Flour on Amazon is recommended, King Arthur 00 (Publix), Anna Neapolitan 00 Flour at Harris Teeter or Kroger will work also
Cabuto Lievito Yeast on Amazon is recommended, or Fleischmann’s active dry yeast

Diastatic Malt powder on Amazon (optional)

Optional Equipment:

Danish Dough whisk on Amazon (optional)

Pizza stone on Amazon

Pizza Peel on Amazon

You can grill or bake the Pizza on a Charcoal Grill like the Weber. Click on this link for instruction

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