By Brigitte Müller

This past weekend 80 years ago the ‘Night of the broken Glas’ – Crystal Night (Kristallnacht)- (reichsprogromnacht in German) occurred all over Germany.

I recently found out about the project ‘Stolpersteine’ – tripping stones…who have been placed in front of buildings all over Europe (70.000 since 1992) in memory of Jews who had lived in these homes and were deported or fled.

Even the village I live in (Seeheim, Hessen) has already installed a couple. today I attended a remembrance walk through town where a historian told us the stories of those Jewish people.

They even created an app so tourists are able to find them all over Europe. How cool! And so important – more than ever. Never again 😞

Watch here: The Holocaust & Germany, Project Stolpersteine

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