Straw Sculptures driving through South Bavaria

The best way to explore South Bavaria or Austria is driving through the countryside away from the Autobahn. The plan was to drive to the Königssee, then we got lost. On a hidden path we saw the most incredible things, besides mountain peaks


We drove by this “Arche Noah” or Noah’s Ark made out of straw. I stopped for some pictures, after I realized it was a creative school project of kids from this small town in this Berchtesgadener area near the Königssee
Straw Lions on Noah's Arc

We saw lions made from straw with fiery eyes, a youngster feet hanging over the arche.

I noticed the straw monkeys dangling of the edge off the boat.

I found the Giraffes amusing with their heads peeking through the roof.
Different types of birds were also present as passengers.
Straw Noah's Arc

We continued our drive for a couple of miles towards the Königssee in this idyllic Bavarian alpine country side